Electric boiler advantages

  • Quick solution – the technology equipment can be installed within a few months
  • Reliability – the electric boiler reliability is greater than 99%
  • Efficiency – the electric boiler runs with an efficiency approaching 100%
  • Emission–free solution – the electric boiler does not produce any emissions, and as such, obtaining the construction permit is a relatively smooth process
  • Inexpensive solution – compared with other technologies the electric boiler installation represents a relatively inexpensive solution
LARGE ELECTRIC BOILERS – construction, investment and operation
  • Auxilien has unique know-how in the field of large electric boilers
  • Construction of 5 electric boilers with a total output of 43.5 MW
  • Operation of 4 own electric boilers for the provision of ancillary services with a total operating time of more than 20 years
  • Construction of electric boilers serving as a backup of standard sources